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Enabling individual growth and customer success through interaction and hands-on learning.

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Change and growth are difficult, and creating an ecosystem to support growth is even more difficult. That's why Pandera created ECO

Experiential Learning

What do you get when industry and technology experts get together to tackle the problem of continuous education? Hands-on training with real world scenarios, in cutting-edge platforms, leveraging the power of cloud technology, so its available anytime, anywhere.


Ready to start, but don't know how? ECO's toolkits are pre-loaded with standards, best practices, scenario-based examples, and design accelerators, enabling you to hit the ground running with confidence.


Updates, questions, guidance, support, it's all there in the community, a the meeting place for experts and novices alike.


Advisory Experts


Community Topics


Active Courses

ECO's key features were created to support hands-on learning, sharing of knowledge, and an engaged community that ties it all together.

Flexible Courses

Have something else in mind? We offer the flexibility to create custom courses fit to your needs.

Competitive Scoring

Competition is an effective and fun way of getting people involved. Everything from passing a course, posting in the community, or uploading new content inches you one step closer to the top, but there's always someone looking to take the lead.

Knowledge Repository

Being able to have a repository of reusable code base, best practices, examples, and more is key to ramp up new resources. Train experts and create a self supporting cycle of new content that gets regularly updated.

On Demand Servers

Just need to spin up a server and do some testing? We can create servers on multiple operating systems, pre configured with some great products from the start.

Cost Savings

Content management, hands-on training, and expert communities: all at a fraction of the cost of in-person training.

Managerial Tracking

Monitor employee engagement, knowledge advancement, and get visibility into the full education life-cycle.

Start enabling growth through hands-on learning
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